LE1D09 9 amp DOL Starter (Excludes Overload)


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Additional Information

Weight 0.92 kg


Coil Voltage

P7 230 VAC Coil, V7 400 V Coil

Conforms with

LRD01 – 14 Overload relays

IP degree of protection


Height x Width x Dept

166mm x 88mm x 128.5mm

Utilisation category


Cable entry

2 x 13mm pg at bottom 2 x 16mm pg at bottom 2 x 20mm iso at bottom 2 x 20mm iso at top


The P7 230 VAC coil are suitable for single phase motors and the V7 400 V coil are suitable for 3 phase motors

Overload relay selection

Please select the correct overload relay from the LRD01-14 range.To ensure the correct overload relay is selected check your motor name plate for its “full load current” .For example “full load current” states 6.2 amps,select the LRD12 (5.5-8A) overload relay.


Schneider Electric / Telemecanique

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