XB4BS8442 Emergency Lock Stop



RRP – £19.61

Product Description

Turn to release complete with ZB4BZ102 nc contact block.You can add either ZBE 101 (no) or ZBE 102 (nc) spare contact on to the back of this switch.If an additional contact is added when the switch is pushed both contacts will operate.( The ZBE 101 + ZBE 102 are under the ZBE SPARE CONTACT at bottom of this page)

Panel Mounted, 40mm Red operating head.

Additional Information

Weight 0.118 kg
Mount Diameter



Component Parts : ZB4BS844 (head) + ZB4BZ009 metal fixing collar + ZBE102 n.c contact.


The XB4BS8442 is the new replacement for XB4BS542 emergency lock stop.


Schneider Electric / Telemecanique

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